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Susana Cabrera (1950) has been in contact with visual arts since 1974. She is also a psychiatrist psychotherapist. By crossing both fields, her work explores different forms and supports to apprehend the invisible and subconscious, to make tangible the sphere of transcendence that surrounds even the smallest organisms.


The work refers to the idea of ​​becoming and of a nature that, far from being static, is crossed by secret transformations. Overlaps and transparencies, as well as the choice of materials, lead to materialize this concept. The work has a hybrid aspect. It refers to the folds and movements of the mineral kingdom, where strength and duration are measured by intensities that are foreign to us. This mutant aspect triggers the imagination through different perceptual adventures.


Cabrera portrays the different processes of nature, the impermanence and the Aura of the elements.


She currently attends at Delia Cancela and Francisca Kwitel’s workshops.


She studied with Ernesto Pesce, Jorge Gamarra, Eduardo Stupia, Mariana Schapiro, Eduardo Gómez, Laura Saud and Francine Schloeth.


In 2018, she made an individual exhibition of photographs (Festival of Light), exhibited in the National Hall of Textile Art Rómulo Raggio Museum, in the Women's Museum and participated in the VI AAMEC Prize for Argentine contemporary photography, organized by the Association of Friends from the Caraffa Museum.


In 2019 she exhibited at Artrooms Fair London, Colorida Gallery Lisboa, Collectiva Joalharia de Autor (Porto) and Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at the Museo del Agua, Colombia.


With her line of sculptural Jewelry, she participated in 2018 and 2019 in the II Biennial of Latin American Jewelry at the José Hernández Museum and won First Prize in the III Textile Jewelry Show (CAAT).


In 2020 she participated in Art on Paper New York and she’s preparing different individual and collective exhibitions of photography, drawing and textile sculpture.


Her works have been exhibited in Argentina, Japan, Italy, USA, London, Portugal and Colombia.


She currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For enquieries about works please contact me at:

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