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Susana Cabrera (Buenos Aires, 1950)
Contemporary Argentine artist, Cabrera portrays Impermanence and the Aura of the elements through different disciplines, mainly photography, textiles and drawing.
Her conception of Beauty is close to Orientalist aesthetics, where the Becoming of time, rhythms, the spiritual, the ephemeral, are part of the content and form. Her works have a hybrid aspect, even indeterminate. The choice of materials, overlays, transparencies, and the microscopic observation of the elements, are constant in its production.
Being a Medical Psychiatrist, science and research are always present. From the micro to the macro and vice versa, in a poetic game.
She participated with her works in: Museo Benito Quinquela ‘23 Martín, Mumbat '23, El Obrador '23, Mumbat '22, Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández '22, MacSur '21, Festival de la Luz, Museo Caraffa, Museo de la Mujer, Museo Romulo Raggio, BAphoto '19 and '20 (Argentina); Artrooms Edition, London 2019; Collectiva Joalharia de Autor y Colorida Gallery in Portugal; Water Museum, Colombia 2019; ARTonPAPEŔ20 NY 2020, Pre Biennial World Textile Chilé20, among others.
She makes work clinic with Delia Cancela, Fabiana Barreda and M. Pía Dalesson Lonati.
She studied with Ernesto Pesce, Jorge Gamarra, Eduardo Stupía, Ana Laura Cantera, Mariana Schapiro, Francisca Kwitel, Eduardo Gómez, Laura Saud and Francine Schloeth, among others.
Her works have been exhibited in Argentina, Japan, England, Spain, Italy and the United States.

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